Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gem Tree Kit

In my very first post of this series, I listed all the materials needed to create one of these wonderful trees. Since then I have done some research on purchasing all the materials and have found that in my area of Washington State we have a bead store that sells the majority of items needed, but for some, you may have to go to several different stores. This being a major inconvenience, I will be offering gem tree kits for sale on my Dana's Jewelry web site. Click on the link and then go to Gem Tree Kits. So you will now have the choice of purchasing a completed tree by my husband or myself or purchasing the kit with printed instructions. Two kit sizes will be available, 1st kit would make a small tree as in the 3 leaf design within this blog and the 2nd kit would be a larger quantity of the same items, such as the gemstones and the wire. The 2nd kit would make several of the smaller trees or one large tree.

These kits would be great for a Cub Scout or Girl Scout activity or any kids club. They also make wonderful gifts for anyone crafty.

If you do live in the Western Washington State area, I do have classes available. Please contact me if you have a group that would like a private class or you would like to attend one of my scheduled classes. I do provide all the tools and materials for classes.

Here is a little bit about my skill and knowledge in designing gem trees and teaching gem tree design. I've been making trees for the past seven years and teaching in a classroom setting with up to 13 students for the past 4 years. I also demonstrate gem tree design with my husband at several Western Washington gem and mineral shows during the Summer and Fall. This past year, I entered a gem tree competition at the NW Regional level for gem and mineral clubs and won first place in my division. I have also helped design a workshop with my husband and an associate, Colleen Delaney, on the mental and emotional healing aspects of gem tree creation.

If you have any questions at all please e-mail me at My goal is to empower you to be creative and enjoy the process of learning and discovery. I also have an additional site that includes more instructions on how to make gem trees with more stick drawings. See my favorite links to connect to that site.