Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Gem Trees the BOOK

Just to let everyone know, I've started writing a book on how to make gemstone trees. I've been gathering all my current designs and creating a few more along with taking pictures and drawing diagrams. I would say I'm about half way in the writing process and would like to have finished and available this Summer. My husband and I will be self publishing the book and are looking at some publishers that support that option. I don't plan on taking any of my instructions off my blogs or web site at this time, but please be aware these are copyrighted and can not be shared for profit. If there are any gem and mineral clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or any other youth club interested in obtaining instructions for their hands on/craft sessions, I would be happy to send out the .pdf version.

If anyone has any suggestions that they would like to see in a book or in a blog on how to make these wonderful little trees, please let me know. I would also like to know of any issues you are having in following the current instructions and how I might make them better.

Thanks, Dana