Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Gem Tree Class - Part 2

The "Class" as I fondly call it, didn’t turn out as overwhelming as I thought it would be. There was another large community event that same day that took some of the kids that would have joined in, plus it was the first 70 degree plus day of the year, so who wanted to be stuck inside. All in all we had 26 participants with two of them adults. I had four helpers that floated around the tables helping out when the kids or adults ran into problems along with a few parents that helped out.

The girls were very well behaved, paid attention and hopefully learned enough to create a tree on their own.

The hardest part was gluing all the trees to the rocks at the end of the class and making sure they were secured with rubber bands. Since there were so many, it took longer than expected but we still finished within our 4 hour estimate. If these had been adults we would have had them glue their own tree, but the glue is messy and can be toxic, so I did most all of them.

I’m sure that I will be offering this to other Girl Scout troops or Boy Scouts for that matter, but we will be limiting class size to 20 total participants to make it a little bit more manageable. Since this was a non profit group we only charged for our costs of material. For any other group, we would have also charged for our time.

My last post mentioned my Stress Reduction Tree Class and how it turned out, so I have scheduled another one. This time I will be teaching the standard gem tree design in 3 lunch sessions. Since these are work associates, and I’m hoping to make one of my competition trees during this time, I am only charging for the materials.

I also have found a work associate who will do freelance editing for my book. I may actually get this finished prior to some of my demonstrations this Summer.


Anonymous,  July 19, 2008 at 8:03 PM  

Thanks for the information on the trees a picture is worth a thousand words and what abeauty of that girl and her tree well done when I get some time ha ha I will tackle one regards Bill,
Swan Hill Australia