Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tenino Gem & Mineral Show

Well we made it through the weekend and now we have to get ready for Montana. My palm tree didn't turn out like I wanted it to... (not "Master" quality), so it won't be in my case. Maybe for my National title I'll get it all figured out.

These are a few pic's from the show with me and my student, he learned quick and then his sister made a tree with his help. He was 11 and she was 7, just the right ages and they were very attentive. As you can see I did have some of my books there and sold several to the vendors and show goers. The biggest seller was our small "recession" trees. These are little $5.00 trees that we make on little bases that were either given to us or we were able to pick up for less than $1.00. At small shows like this, it is always best to have reasonably priced items, so my show type trees were not at this show. I think the most expensive tree was $50.00.

The book is so self explanatory that I don't think a beginner will have any problem making a tree for the first time as long as they start with the small mini tree and not start with a tree that has 5 limbs and 15 branches.

As we are in Montana next week with the show and my workshops, I most likely won't post an update on whether I get "Masters" until I return...but just in case I have free time, I'm taking my net book computer.

Stay tuned and wish me luck.